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Boat tours are available from April to November, primarily on weekends. Weekdays may be possible depending on the time and request.

Price example

Below are some price examples. Contact us for more information and price details specific for your boat tour. Payment should be made, when boarding, with credit card before start of the trip.
From Stockholm city center, for example from: Strandvägen/Slussen

5 hour day trip. Via Baggensstäket to Sandhamn
Duration: Total 5 hours: 3 hours boat tour, 2 hours on site at Sandhamn

14000 SEK + 6% VAT
Max 7 passengers


History guided tour of the canal of Baggensstäket, from Stockholm City to Baggensstäket and back to Stockholm City.
Duration: 2-3 hours

5600 - 8400 SEK + 6% VAT Max 7 passengers


5 hour day trip. Via Baggensstäket to Bullerön
Duration: Total 5 hours: 4 hours boat tour, 1 hours on site at Bullerön

14000 SEK + 6% VAT
Max 7 passengers


Price per hour

2800 SEK + 6% VAT

Half a day, 4,5 hours

Depending on destination and distance - send in an enquiry 

Full day, 09-17

Depending on destination and distance - send in an enquiry 

Information from www.xoboats.com

We use the XO 260 CABIN

XO 260 CABIN made by the Finnish boat manufacture Xoboats. "XO Boats inspired by Nordic environment and conditions, XO 260 / EXPLR 9 is the perfect boat for the adventurers travelling in all corners of the planet"
Useful links

More information about Stockholm Archipelago

There are several very good websites that will give you more information and inspiration on what to do in the archipelago;


Modern boat - XO 260 Cabin

We have a modern XO 260 Cabin from XOBOATS that can take up to 7 passengers. The boats Captain have a Swedish Captain license (Fartygsbefäll klass VIII license). The boat have seating possibilities inside the cabin as well as in the stern with sofas. In the bow, there is also seating to relax on in good weather conditions.

Stockholm Archipelago

This magnificent maritime archipelago landscape of more than 30,000 islands and skerries is in Swedish called the "Skärgård" (archipelago). A unique place in the world.